Thursday, April 1, 2010

Silly Megs

My friend Megs and I were discussing the Spring Crawl for Cancer coming up on the 15th of May (we are sort of geeked!). She was asking if I happened to pull together a team for the crawl in Oklahoma City on the 1st of May. She was concerned:

Megs: Do you have a good team for the OK Crawl?
Me: Yeppa. I'll be drinking a lot in May.
Megs: Fo Shizzle. Hopefully you don't burn out on drinking!
Me: Do you remember who you are talking to?
Megs: Word. I retract my previous statement.

Problem? Maybe?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parental Advisory Suggested

If there are any small children wandering around behind you please have them avert their eyes.
If you are easily frightened and ridden with nightmares please read no further.
The Smalls Grandma was watching her a handful of weekends ago and called me laughing about how they "...tried to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny and she wanted nothing to do with it'. I now see why she wanted nothing to do with that damn Easter Bunny. My little girl is SMART! Take a look and tell me that thing doesn't look EVIL!!!

"I'll give you some candy little girl....THEN I'LL STAB YOUR EYES OUT!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Got a New Stamp

Just so you know, I am DEATHLY afraid of bees. Deathly afraid of wasps. Deathly afraid of anything that slightly resembles either of these devilish creatures. I mean these things fly at you at a high rate of speed and STING you! OUCH! That being said, one would think that the thought of having a needle poked into your skin over, and over, and over again wouldn't be up my alley. NOT SO MUCH!
I love getting tattoos. I love the little 'high' that you get from the pain. Am I weird?
Here is my latest tattoo - enjoy the picture story.
This is the beginning stage when Sean is doing the outline of it. This is the more painful part of the process in my opinion.
These are a couple of pics of Sean filling in portions of the tattoo. This is my favorite part of the process.
And the final product - the 256 stands for my smalls birthday (Feb 5, 2006).
When I got home that night with the smalls, she was VERY interested in what was under my bandage. 'Mommy you got a boo boo?'. It's kind of hard to explain what a tattoo is to a 3 year old. She pretty much summed it up though when I was washing it off - 'MOM! You got a new STAMP!'
Yep! Mommy got a new stamp!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Only at Nascar

This is what happened the night before the race at Texas Motor Speedway:

Hey Bubba! You wanna go to tha race tomorrow? My sisters boyfriend - you cousin them for her and she gave em to me!

Jimmy Joe you got it!! I got a pickup we can take. You got a camper shell we can put on the back? I don't want my Natty Light flyin out!!

Your truck one of them short ones? My pappy has a camper shell on his truck but his is one of them long uns.

Let's throw that on the back and we got ourselves a PARTY!! YEEEEEHAAAWWW!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I hate you...I like you....I hate you...I like you

The smalls and I road tripped this last weekend to see the Hubs who is currently working in Oklahoma. OOOOOOOOOklahoma where the...well....not a whole hell of a lot happens except for brush fires. I've come to realize in my trips south that once I start smelling burning brush I've hit Oklahoma.
On our way back yesterday we stopped in Carthage for a little lunch. I was getting the smalls all situated in her seat and ready to down her lunch and during this had the door open. This was a bad move. We added another passenger and the smalls was none to pleased about it. He was just a tiny little fly, and for the purposes of this story we shall call him Ralph.
So Ralph is flying around the space of the vehicle doing his thing...flying. When Ralph gets ANYWHERE in the smalls vicinity all hell breaks lose. There is crying, screaming, general unhappiness. This is the 'I hate you' part of the story.
I try to explain to her that it's just a fly, all it does is fly. All you have to do is wave your hands around and the dude will wander elsewhere. This does not appease her. The only thing that made the situation any better was when she noticed he was sitting on the dashboard.
First we had to point that out - 'Mom...that fly's on your car'.
Me - 'Yes honey, it's no big deal. He's just hanging out up here.'
Smalls - 'He's just hanging out?'
Me - 'Yes honey, just chillin.'
Smalls - 'He wanna come watch my movie with me?'
Me - 'No honey, I think he's alright'
Smalls - 'He wanna come sit on my burger?'
Me - 'No baby, he's just gonna hang out up here with mom.'
At this point she seems pretty cool with Ralph. Wants him to come watch a movie with friends - I like you.
So in my head I'm like biggie. Maybe I won't need to stop and get the fly out of the car. Soon enough I realize I am wrong.
I hate you Ralph....I hate you. There is crying and screaming for the rest of the trip anytime good ole Ralph comes near her.
We are 10 minutes from home and are stopped getting ready to cross the highway. Good ole Ralph flies to my window and I help him regain his freedom. We rejoice that he is gone and per the smalls is going to go make friends.
Thanks Ralph. Good luck in your travels.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yes. I'm cheating.

Sooo....I'm addicted to facebook. I like getting on...finding new friends...making notes ect. I realized the other night as I was spending 45 minutes on a 'Note' that I could be doing the same thing but blogging instead. Sarah W. came up with a grand idea...why not post THAT onto my blog. So here you go!
25 Random Things About Me
1. I have 3 tattoo's and am trying to figure out the design for #4.
2. If I let her my 3 year old would stay up until 11:30 every night. She's a night owl like her mama!!
3. I love beer. I think about my first big college parties where I didn't drink beer because I didn't like the taste and would drink WILD TURKEY and shake my head. Don't drink BEAST and you'll love it you dumb girl!!
4. I am still VERY good friends with Nellie who I have known for probably 25 years though I wish we could hang out more. Thankfully they landed near KC!!!
5. I am also very good friends with her sister Sarah. I used to H A T E Sarah. If I could multiply that font by 500 that's how much I did not like her. Then college + booze = FRIENDSHIP!!!!
6. I was slightly addicted to pedicures this last summer. Thankfully I cut myself off. 'It's only been a week but I could get another pedi!!"
7. I honestly with I could eat ice cream for every single meal and not gain a pound. I would do it.
8. I - like Susan - am slightly addicted to standing on the scale. Stupid scale stop mocking me!!
9. I wish I took more time to blog. I love it and have like 5 ideas in my head but here I sit on stupid facebook doing this damn 25 things about me.
10. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when Schon, Chuck & Ernie tell their 'When we got arrested' story. I could hear it 50 times a year and laugh as hard as I did the time before.
11. I was in a bowling league for a couple years and have my own ball, shoes, bag, ect. I mostly did it for the beer - see #3.
12. I wish that the Cullens were real and I was tight with them.
13. I wish I drove a hybrid. Not that I think Ernie would ever BE on facebook to read this...but if he is he's calling me a Hippy right now :)
14. I got asked if I would 'be opposed to living in Oklahoma for a year'. YES I was and am still opposed. I mean Oklahoma? Come on! If it was Oregon,Florida or Cali I might consider it.
15. I think I might get an I Phone some day. I am somewhat opposed to following the flock again with the whole 'Apple Ipod' thing but I might get over it cause that phone is DAMN cool.
16. I met my husband at Molly's in Maryville. We were playing darts and 'I won because he wasn't good' RIIIIIGHT up to the point where we bet that he'd get to stay the night. 'OOPS!! I forgot to mention I was in a dart league in the marine corp.' He didn't get any....serves him RIGHT.
17. I think my sister is a bitch because she doesn't get hungover. I hate her for it. She is a crack.
18. One time Jesus told me to tell Megan to steal a Bible when we were sitting in a church for a friends wedding. She didn't believe me.
19. I love pub crawls. Especially the Crawl for Cancer. This last crawl - Fall 08- was one of the best.
20. I was in a roll over car accident with my 10 week old daughter. We both got taken by ambulance to 2 different hospitals. My husband had a Lotawana copper start to pull a gun on him because he was trying to get past the road block to get to us. At that same moment my ambulance driver was calling him to let him know where we were going. I came out with only scratches, bruises and poison ivy - from crawling out of the upside down vehicle into a little creek. Addy had one tiny little cut on her cheek that was gone in a couple days. Thank GOD for car seats!
21. I am spending WAY to much time doing this and letting my child do whatever she pleases.
22. I'm quite bendy. If I can find it I'll post a pic that illustrates that point.
23. I have 2 girlfriends that no fail....every time we get together to drink we are up until at LEAST 3:30 in the morning - no matter if there will be small people up in a few hours.
24. The first time I met Megs was during National Gay Pride week at NW. She was sitting on the shrine and I wanted to sit down and chat. These were the first words that came out of my (drunk) mouth - "I'm going to sit by you....but I'm not gay". What a douche!
25. I woke up at 4 this morning because Schon was leaving for Okie. Just so you know Family Guy is on from at LEAST 4:30 to 5:30 on Cartoon Network West. The 2 episodes this morning were quite funny - as always.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

That's "Mrs. Ruin Fun Things" To You

First off, I'd like to apologize to my friend Ern. I have learned from this instance that I should keep the neat little tid-bits that I find out about songs and what they are about to myself. Zippin da lip.
Earlier this month we were all eating breakfast one morning after a long night of drinking (for Lin and I). Somehow the song 'Lola' by the Kinks was brought up. It's a great song. It's quite catchy - 'La la la la Loooola.' - 'C - O - L - A cola'. Good stuff!
As Ern was singing this song that morning I had a faint memory about it and stated it out loud.
'Wasn't that song about a tranny?'
For a good 15 or 20 minutes I had 'no clue what I was talking about'.
I threw out some of the words in the song - 'I'm not dumb but I can't understand why she walked like a woman but talked like a man'. LIKE A MAN?
Ern breaks down and decides to get out his phone and search the net...see what he comes up with. Low and behold, who was right? ME! It WAS about a young man's encounter with a transvestite. Check out wikipedia....wikipedia knows all.
So sorry if you've read this post and I've ruined the song for you. I still love it and you should too!