Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time Waster

WOW it's been a bit since I've blogged. Bad blogger - bad blogger. I'm going to try and jump back on that train again. I'll hopefully have some good stories from this upcoming weekend and the 30th birthday party I'll be attending.
Until then please check out the newest time waster in my world - thank you Red. She opened my eyes to a website that she oft peruses and now I oft do to.
Overheard in New York is SO addicting. I believe that random people post things they overhear throughout the day. This is one that I enjoyed:

Lucky Bastards
Chick #1: Just like that, for no reason?
Chick #2: Yeah.
Chick #1: That's so weird! Usually when a guy licks you, there's some kind of context.
Chick #2: What about that time a hobo licked me? That wasn't in context.
Chick #1: Yeah, but hobos don't need context.
--23rd & Lex
Overheard by: Larry

You'll get sucked careful.