Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brand new Beerkitten!

Hello world - It's Noah!!! Some day you'll love Northwest as much as the rest of us do. Hopefully your mommy will brainwash you into loving the Cats like I have Pdub!

Your mom and dad are so lucky to finally have you to squish on. I know all your mom's buds over here in MO and KS can't wait to squish on you too!!!

Luvthebearcats would probably agree that you have a pretty awesome name. Thank GOD she went with Noah and NOT Tucker. Good job Danny Boy on pointing out what TUCKER rhymes with!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost 3 Year Old Logic

The mind of a 2 - almost 3 - year old is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

I came home from a LONG ride home earlier this week in a mad rush for the potty. I do my business and as always take off my 'work pants' and put on my 'comfy pants'. I walk back into the bedroom with work pants in hand and Pdub notices that I'm changing my pants. Her almost 3 year old logic kicks in and she asks:

"Mom....ya pee in your pants?"

"No honey, mom did not pee in her pants. Mom is putting on comfy pants."

No luvthebearcats I did NOT pee in my pants. YES it was a horridly long ride home because of the idiots that don't know how to drive in this city and YES I have had a child but NO...I did not pee.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My little Bearkitten

When deciding what I was going to wear today two things came to my mind:
A. It's cold as a mother@#&* outside.
B. The Bearcats play tomorrow in the semifinal game.

Bearcat sweatshirt it is!!! It's warm, it supports the best football team ever, it's awesome.
My sweatshirt ONLY has the words Northwest Missouri State - No Bobby, No paw, nothing specifically calling out Bearcats besides the fact that it says the name of the college.
I pick up Pdub and this is the conversation that ensues:

Pdub: Mom, you got your cats shirt on?
Me: Yes hunny, mom's wearing her Bearcat shirt today.
Pdub: I NEED MY CAT SHIRT ON!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not really sure how she knew that my shirt was a Bearcat shirt besides the fact that the writing was in green but...Oops! I MAY have brainwashed my child into loving the Cats as much as I do!!!