Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rocket Science

I was listening to E! for a bit on my way in to work today - I love satellite radio by the way - and an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker was on. She was talking about her upcoming movie that MANY of us are looking forward to - Sex and the City. May 30th ya'll....write it DOWN.
What she said made me kind of regret the fact that I just bought and am currently wearing her perfume (which smells really good). This is what she said in regards to the fact that when they tried to do the movie directly after the series ended it didn't work out but obviously is working out now:
"I feel like it was kind of fortuitous because if we had done it then....we wouldn't be able to do it now."
REALLY SJP? Is that how time works? Doing something then means you can't do it now? Doing it now means you didn't do it then? I never knew.