Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parental Advisory Suggested

If there are any small children wandering around behind you please have them avert their eyes.
If you are easily frightened and ridden with nightmares please read no further.
The Smalls Grandma was watching her a handful of weekends ago and called me laughing about how they "...tried to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny and she wanted nothing to do with it'. I now see why she wanted nothing to do with that damn Easter Bunny. My little girl is SMART! Take a look and tell me that thing doesn't look EVIL!!!

"I'll give you some candy little girl....THEN I'LL STAB YOUR EYES OUT!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Got a New Stamp

Just so you know, I am DEATHLY afraid of bees. Deathly afraid of wasps. Deathly afraid of anything that slightly resembles either of these devilish creatures. I mean these things fly at you at a high rate of speed and STING you! OUCH! That being said, one would think that the thought of having a needle poked into your skin over, and over, and over again wouldn't be up my alley. NOT SO MUCH!
I love getting tattoos. I love the little 'high' that you get from the pain. Am I weird?
Here is my latest tattoo - enjoy the picture story.
This is the beginning stage when Sean is doing the outline of it. This is the more painful part of the process in my opinion.
These are a couple of pics of Sean filling in portions of the tattoo. This is my favorite part of the process.
And the final product - the 256 stands for my smalls birthday (Feb 5, 2006).
When I got home that night with the smalls, she was VERY interested in what was under my bandage. 'Mommy you got a boo boo?'. It's kind of hard to explain what a tattoo is to a 3 year old. She pretty much summed it up though when I was washing it off - 'MOM! You got a new STAMP!'
Yep! Mommy got a new stamp!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Only at Nascar

This is what happened the night before the race at Texas Motor Speedway:

Hey Bubba! You wanna go to tha race tomorrow? My sisters boyfriend - you cousin them for her and she gave em to me!

Jimmy Joe you got it!! I got a pickup we can take. You got a camper shell we can put on the back? I don't want my Natty Light flyin out!!

Your truck one of them short ones? My pappy has a camper shell on his truck but his is one of them long uns.

Let's throw that on the back and we got ourselves a PARTY!! YEEEEEHAAAWWW!!