Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Overheard at the Plaza

'What makes me think I'm gonna cut you?' - She gets it wrong every time :)

'Ones an elephant...and ones a thing' - Rocky and Bullwinkle? HUH Preggo?

'You scared my cat!' - Poor Norman!

'I'm not competitive....I just like to win!' (oops I may have said that)

To the ladies who were present - please feel free to remind me of other things said and I'll get them posted :)

Lesson of the Day

Sizzle says - 'Tell them bitches not to say shit!'

Thank you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is language genetic?

Last night I was laying on the bed reading while the smalls was watching Oswald.
She says to me this: "Mommy...u fiewd' - Translation 'Mommy...you are fired'
I say: "What?"
Smalls: "Fiewd'
Me: "I'm what? What are you saying?"
Smalls: "You fiwed. Fiewd"
Me: "Are you saying that Mommy is fired?"
Smalls: "Fiewd."

So while, yes, I have been fired from the business of mommyhood by the smalls - the more important point of this story is genetics. My circle - you know who you are out there - use the phrase 'You're fired' in every day vernacular. If someone is slacking on emailing...you're fired. If someone gets a hour and a half massage and the others don't...you're fired. The smalls doesn't read our emails! The smalls is only 2 1/2! While she is gifted....she can't hop on my email and pick up the aforementioned saying. Thus - language is genetic. Thank you.