Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's CRAWL Season

The Crawl for Cancer in Kansas City is like Christmas for many of us seasoned crawlers. It is much like a coveted gift that you can't wait to open...and maybe throw up all over.
The upcoming spring Crawl will be MA's and my 6th time participating and there have been some awesome crawls through the years. I thought this might be a good time to reflect on past Crawls and remember the good times, and the not so good (keep the sharpies out of NR's hands!). Over the next few weeks I'll continue to post pictures and stories of the our Crawls through the years - so check back!
Our first crawl, when we were all still virgins, was May of 2004.

We had a pretty good team that year tho it was kind of random.
This may have been one of the most low-key crawls that we have ever done.

It was pretty nice that day so we ended up out at the sand volleyball courts at the Beach Club. Look at our baby faces!

These were the days before they bused you to different bars and the bars weren't insanely packed with crawlers.
I do remember that at the end of the day we were hanging out at the Beaumont - more free beer! There was a random band playing and I was 100% certain that because they were singing a Big Head Todd song that they WERE Big Head Todd. Alas...they were not.
It was a good virgin Crawl - low key but still hella fun!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I wanna be the DOG WHISPERER!

Tonight PDub and I decided we wanted to go get some "I Ceam!" and we were out the door..custard custard here I come! We got down to the end of our road and I noticed a dog that was running around with no mom or dad with it. I noticed the dog because she was STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I stopped and looked around to make sure that her family hadn't just accidentally let her outside and were coming to get her. Since I didn't see her humans my head went into 'MUST SAVE THIS DOG AND FIND IT'S HOME!'
I pulled over and she was very interested in my vehicle. I opened up the door and called her over and she was MORE then happy to want to get it. I grabbed her collar and took her to the back of the Envoy and told her to jump in and she went right in.
I drove back home (sadly i ceam had to go on hold) and went to get PDub out of the car and the dog so that I could call the number on her tags and let her humans know that I had her (like I would want someone to do for my cats or any future dogs I own).
When I opened the back door I was not thinking. OUT SHE GOES. GREAT! I saved her from the road but now she's running ALL OVER our cul de sac and I'm outside running around chasing her carrying a 2 year old who's wearing Dora PJ's.
The hub comes outside when he sees me out the window running around chasing a dog and yells 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?'
I yell back that this dog has tags so I need to grab her again so I can call her family. I do the 2 second hand off and give PDub to Dad so that I can run around (in my flip flops) and chase this dog. She hightails it behind our neighbors houses and goes a couple houses down. I yell for her to come and she takes off like a bolt of lighting at me. I see this as my chance to grab her....NOPE. She shoots right by me. BUT she does run back up to where the hubs is at and he gets a chance and grabs her collar.
So we make the call to the pups grandma who says she will be right over. Pdub really enjoyed the puppy being there while dad held her. You could tell she really wanted to pet her but she just couldn't work up the strength. Who knew that during the maybe 10 minutes of us having this dog that PDub fell in love with her.
Grandma came and chatted a little bit about the pup - Nikita gets out all the time, always getting calls from people that they found her or the pound, has a granddaughter who is autistic and the dog is a godsend. Very Very nice lady. Even complimented the toot's eyes and eye lashes (but we know how cute she is). She thanked us many many times and finally went on her way so we had to say goodbye to the pretty pup (she is a white Siberian husky with blue eyes SO PRETTY!).
This is where things get dicey. Pdub likes the puppy. She in NOOOOOO way wants to say goodbye to the puppy. 'NOOOOOO!!! NOOO BYE BYE PUPPY!!!' Grandma apologizes profusely that by her taking her grand-dog that she is making my child cry. She felt very very bad...but hey- Pdub is 2 and wants what she wants, and she wanted that puppy!!!
It probably took her 10-15 minutes to calm down about the puppy. Had to sit in time out for a while because of the fit that was being thrown. Once she was calm we went to get I Ceam and on the way back I still got a couple very sad 'Mommy....puppy!!!!' I had to keep telling her that the puppy needed to go to his mommy and daddy. I finally got a 'Mommy...Daddy...puppy!'

The moral of this story is : PDub wants a puppy (to look at...maybe pet...maybe not)!