Monday, March 16, 2009

I hate you...I like you....I hate you...I like you

The smalls and I road tripped this last weekend to see the Hubs who is currently working in Oklahoma. OOOOOOOOOklahoma where the...well....not a whole hell of a lot happens except for brush fires. I've come to realize in my trips south that once I start smelling burning brush I've hit Oklahoma.
On our way back yesterday we stopped in Carthage for a little lunch. I was getting the smalls all situated in her seat and ready to down her lunch and during this had the door open. This was a bad move. We added another passenger and the smalls was none to pleased about it. He was just a tiny little fly, and for the purposes of this story we shall call him Ralph.
So Ralph is flying around the space of the vehicle doing his thing...flying. When Ralph gets ANYWHERE in the smalls vicinity all hell breaks lose. There is crying, screaming, general unhappiness. This is the 'I hate you' part of the story.
I try to explain to her that it's just a fly, all it does is fly. All you have to do is wave your hands around and the dude will wander elsewhere. This does not appease her. The only thing that made the situation any better was when she noticed he was sitting on the dashboard.
First we had to point that out - 'Mom...that fly's on your car'.
Me - 'Yes honey, it's no big deal. He's just hanging out up here.'
Smalls - 'He's just hanging out?'
Me - 'Yes honey, just chillin.'
Smalls - 'He wanna come watch my movie with me?'
Me - 'No honey, I think he's alright'
Smalls - 'He wanna come sit on my burger?'
Me - 'No baby, he's just gonna hang out up here with mom.'
At this point she seems pretty cool with Ralph. Wants him to come watch a movie with friends - I like you.
So in my head I'm like biggie. Maybe I won't need to stop and get the fly out of the car. Soon enough I realize I am wrong.
I hate you Ralph....I hate you. There is crying and screaming for the rest of the trip anytime good ole Ralph comes near her.
We are 10 minutes from home and are stopped getting ready to cross the highway. Good ole Ralph flies to my window and I help him regain his freedom. We rejoice that he is gone and per the smalls is going to go make friends.
Thanks Ralph. Good luck in your travels.

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NEKandEAK'smom said...

Just read this today. It cracked me up.